Episode 8: Boomshakalakas, Cinco De Mayo, and Gas Station Food

Episode 8 starts off with a review of The Boomshakalaka’s show at the Happy Dog this past Sunday night. The boys enjoyed a nice evening of rock n’ roll, delicious hot dogs, tater tots, and…burgers? Apparently there are burgers at the Happy Dog.

Next up, a review of one of the few Colombian restaurants in the city: Barroco. Paul delves into his experience there and gives his two cents on the food and the vibes and how it stacks up to other Hispanic restaurants in Cleveland. Barroco’s review is followed up by a heated discussion on gas station food, which is sparked by Paul’s review of Angelo’s Amazing Chicken (a fried chicken joint in a Sunoco Gas Station in Old Brooklyn).

We wrap up the culture section talking about The Holden Arboretum, our favorite ice cream stands, and our favorite Mexican restaurants with Cinco de Mayo just around the corner.

Finally, sportstalk, which begins with a brief summary of the recent Browns’ draft picks after we’ve had time to think it over. Finally, we talk Cavs and our thoughts of that crazy first game in Toronto, and our predictions for the Wine and Gold for the rest of the playoffs.

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