Episode 9: Extinct Dinosaurs, The Finals (again) and Affordable Fancy Food

Dan and Jordan try their best to trigger Paul by discussing Star Wars Episodes 7 and 8. Paul valiantly deflects most of the triggers, and the LOTL boys are soon back on track to discuss the Cavs, who just finished a demoralizing sweep of the 1st-seeded Toronto Raptors. Demoralizing if you’re Drake, that is. Jokes aside, the Cavs are facing a revitalized Celtics team on their path to make a fourth straight Finals appearance. The boys talk Kevin Love, the key bench players, and their series predictions.

After sportstalk, LOTL jumps right into a review of a newish Italian restaurant — Molto Bene (on Detroit Ave. in Lakewood). How does this place compare to other Cleveland Italian joints? What does our Italian member, Dan, think? Is it possible this place might have the best gelato in town? Listen to the episode to find out!

Paul runs down a new Mexican place — Tapatias Taqueria — which he declares rivals La Plaza. Finally, LOTL reviews several fun week night events coming up next week (one of them might include donuts and beer) as well as some upcoming summer events!

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