Episode 12: Neapolitan Pizza, Nano Brew, and the NBA Finals

Episode #12 of LivingOffTHELAND is jam packed and full of goodies about our fair city.

We start off this episode by talking about what we did in the city for the Memorial Day weekend. Paul played volleyball, Jordan went to a couple Indians games vs. his hometown Astros and Dan went to Edgewater Beach along with hosting two watch parties for Cavs playoff games.

We get into our review section this week once again talking about a pizza place, a brewery and a cool patio spot. First, we talk about this awesome, authentic Neapolitan style pizza with a wood fired oven called Harlow’s in Lakewood. They only have five pizzas on the menu (no custom pies allowed) and it’s amazing. Next we discuss Nano Brew, one of our favorite breweries and also one of our favorite patios. We finish up the review section talking Woodstock BBQ in Lakewood.

After we get done reviewing these food & drink spots we transition into talking about events going on in and around the city coming up! Jordan previews events such as the Hessler Street Fair, Laurel Live, and Taste of Lakewood; Dan previews Cavs watch parties for the NBA Finals; and Paul previews a benefit concert at a cool deli spot in Canton, OH and as well as a Brewnuts event for National Donut Day.

We wrap up with some CLE sports talk, including that thrilling Cavs ECF victory in Game 7 over the Boston Celtics and debate on whether LeBron getting this Cavs team to the NBA Finals is his biggest achievement ever as a player. We also start to preview meeting in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors for a 4th consecutive time and give our memories of the past three series and our predictions for this 4th installment. We also talk about the Indians series on Memorial Day Weekend with the defending World Champs, the Houston Astros.

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