Episode 15: LeBron James, LeBron James, LeBron James

Welcome back to LOTL! It’s episode 15!

LOTL kicks things off with another conversation about LeBron’s future. Where will he go? Is he going? Most people seem to agree it’s LA or CLE, so how does Kawhi’s announcement that he wants to be traded to LA play in this? We also discuss the NBA draft and who the Cavs should pick up…or trade…

Then LOTL moves onto the Tribe, who have been heating up more and more each week. Dan also reviews a game he attended recently.

Once the dust from the sportstalk settles, we move on to reviews. Could it be that the best patio in Cleveland is located at Forest City Brewery? Jordan will give you his two cents on that. The boys then review Nunzios, a classic Cleveland pizzeria. Finally, Jordan reviews a swanky marketplace in Gordon Square…and he might have some controversial opinions on it.

Finally, LOTL updates y’all on the latest activities and events, which includes The Cleveland Pizza Fest, Strongsville Rib Burn-Off, Taste of Tremont and some updates on fireworks shows.

As always, thank you for listening!

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