Episode 18: The Next Cleveland Champion, UFC 226, and Pupusas

It’s Episode 18, and the first with our three-man crew of Jordan, Dan, and Jimmy.

After dropping the usual intros with our social media hashtags, we hop into our new segment: the poll of the week! Our topic this week: besides the Cavs, which Cleveland team would you prefer to see win a title next? We got lots of feedback, and the results surprised Dan. We ease right into Indians talk after this, where we discuss their five all-stars, J-Ram’s insane home run year, and Dan’s experience at the 19-run crushing of the Reds.

Up next, we talk a little bit about the future of the Cavs, who are for the first time in four years are not Eastern Conference favorites. So what’s next? Build around Kevin Love and Collin Sexton? Is Cedi the future? Burn it all down and go for draft picks? Tune in to hear our thoughts.

Now that Jimmy is a full-time co-host, we finally have a voice for UFC coverage. And since Cleveland has arguably the greatest heavyweight UFC fighter of all time, Stipe Miocic, we had a lot to talk about after his crushing loss to Daniel Cormier.

We only had one review this week: El Arezpo y Pupuseria, a Colombian and Salvadoran restaurant in Fairview Park. Quick review: definitely worth a trip.

LOTL wraps up with preview of the best places to see the World Cup final as well as a preview of a huge food festival: Taste of Tremont!

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