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Photo of the Week: Rocks at Edgewater Park

Imagine crashing waves, a warm breeze and toasty hot sand.

These images probably invoke an image of a tropical vacation, but in this case I’m referring to our very own Edgewater Park beach in Cleveland. Sure, it’s not exactly a tropical bliss — the strange amount of trash, questionable water quality, and lack of seashells reminds us that we’re up north and not near the equator.

But Edgewater Park has a truly enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing beach, and it offers pretty much everything a northern beach can. It has a widespread beach area, volleyball nets, grills, an outdoor bar, a food stand, food trucks (during Edgewater Live; more on that in a bit), and picturesque views of Downtown Cleveland and Lakewood’s Golden Coast. Additionally, it is a five-minute walk to Terrestrial Brewing Company, one of the most unique breweries in The Land (inside the building with the iconic “Battery Park” chimney).

For those that want a more lively atmosphere, check out the park during Edgewater Live, on Thursdays during the summer. Live music, food trucks and drink specials galore. However, there is only one more left on Aug. 2nd.

I chose this picture as the first #LOTL picture of the week because we’re in the heart of Summer and I’ve been hitting up Edgewater as many times as I can. Still plenty of time left to check out the park!

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