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Picture of the Week: Blossom Music Center

There’s something exciting about getting thousands of people together on the side of a hill for one single purpose: to enjoy great music with great friends.

As I looked out around the grounds of Blossom Music Center last night (8/2/18) for the Zac Brown Band concert, I was moved by how many strangers I saw embracing, laughing and sharing food and drinks like you’d never see in normal life. We saw this behavior at our tailgate, walking in, during the concert and walking back to our car. I think that’s what music from Zac Brown Band in a setting like Blossom Music Center can do — bring everyone together.

It’s difficult to see in this shot, but during many of the songs, I saw not only friends, but strangers with arms around each other swaying to the music, engaging in sing-a-longs, chanting and dancing together in a way that just makes you feel good. Let’s not mention the fact that it might be liquid courage that allows people’s inhibitions to be released to allow this sort of camaraderie; I am going to say it’s the sweet sounds of the Zac Brown Band.

Unfortunately, we did not have any chicken fried, but we drank cold beer on a (Thursday) night, some of us wore jeans that fit just right, and the radio (stage) was definitely on!

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