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Hangout of the Week: Terrestrial Brewing Company

As much as I love Edgewater Park in Cleveland, I’ve long bemoaned the fact it isn’t walking distance to any places to eat or drink.

That changed, however, when Terrestrial Brewing Company (7524 Father Frascati Drive) in Battery Park opened its doors last year. The brewery, famous for its wacky beers, is about a five-minute walk from the beach if you take the tunnel behind the new beach house. Housed in an old battery factory (hence the name “Battery Park”) near the Gordon Square neighborhood, the brewery rocks an industrial vibe with its exposed brick and unfinished ceiling. The sprawling space includes many tables, standing bars and two patios — offering plenty of space for big parties or groups. The larger patio is along the side and overlooks a quaint meadow, while the other one is a bit smaller and overlooks Lake Erie and Edgewater Beach.

One of my favorite parts when I visit Terrestrial is the staff. They are incredibly friendly, attentive, and personable, and they will strike up a conversation with you whether you’re a regular or not. Heather, one of the bartenders, and Ralph Sgro, one of the co-founders, mentioned they want to be a neighborhood brewery, as opposed to a brewery with large-scale distribution. So don’t expect to see too many of their cans in stores. Sgro previously worked at Platform Beer Co.

Terrestrial specializes in experimental beers. They always have a new twist of a classic style on tap. Shown here is a flight.

The beer at Terrestrial is experimental and a bit zany. Expect all sorts of infusions, flavors, and twists on classics. They are always rotating their taps, but one of my favorite is the I Love It When I Save The Turtles Porter, which gives $1 to turtle conservation efforts, and the Bruh Lite Lime, which is a delicious and refreshing craft version of a certain famous American lager. Their Double Fanboi IPA is a riot, and it has been re-released as of 8/22/18. I highly recommend following them on Facebook to stay updated on what beer they have on tap. Additionally, they offer some liquor options.

Another good reason to follow them is for their guest food updates. They don’t serve food aside from some snacks, but they bring in guests who set up stands or drive up a food truck. Guests tend to be a variety of local restaurants in the area. On Sundays they offer a brunch option, too.

If you’re a dog owner or just a dog-lover, you will love Terrestrial. They are easily one of the most dog-friendly places in the city, and even on a quiet night you’ll catch tons of good boys running around.

Based on the overall experience combined with the friendly staff and exciting beer options, I give Terrestrial 5/5 hops.

The smaller of the two patios overlooks Lake Erie and Edgewater Beach.


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