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Hangout of the Week: The New Fat Head’s Beer Hall

After months of anticipation, Fat Head’s brand new, massive beer hall has finally opened on 17450 Engle Lake Dr in Middleburg Heights. With 75,000 square feet of room, this facility has plenty of room for even the biggest parties or the busiest nights.

Anyone from Cleveland knows that Fat Head’s is an extremely popular brewery and restaurant, and even with all that extra space, the facility was still very packed (wait times of up to two hours for a table). But it never felt as cramped as the North Olmsted location did since the new facility has extremely high ceilings and an enormous beer hall. Despite the crowds, the LOTL crew was impressed how good the service and overall experience was. We were checked on frequently by our waitress, and the food came out in a timely manner.

The main bar stands in front of some of the fermenting barrels.

While some aspects of the facility are not yet finished (the outdoor patio, a barrel-aging room, and party rooms have yet to open), overall LOTL’s experience was very positive. It featured the same delicious beer we know, just in this case it flowed from the taps of a massive infrastructure. The famous Spooky Tooth Imperial Pumpkin Ale was on tap to the delight of many, and they also have several guest taps (North Coast Scrimshaw, Working Class Brewery, Mad Tree, and Jackie O’s). And for those who might want a mixed drink, they offer several house cocktails as well as various liquors and wine.

Spooky Tooth Imperial Pumpkin Ale (L), Head Hunter IPA (R)

So the beer was great, as usual. But how did the food stand up? We assumed the food might be mediocre due to the fact they just opened and the crews are dealing with excessive crowds, but LOTL was very impressed with the sustenance. The menu is slightly smaller than that of the North Olmsted location, but it still offers plenty of options, including their famous “headwich” sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and smoked half-chickens and chicken wings. Our group ordered a burger, the Philly cheese steak, and two orders of their smoked half-chicken, and all were happy. The smoked half-chicken was tender, juicy, and perfectly smokey (according to, they have a new mesquite smoker). The sides were delicious, too. The fries were crispy and flavorful, the beans were tangy and tasty, and the coleslaw was creamy and refreshing.

After eating, we took ourselves on the self-tour, which walks through the production facilities. It’s a relatively simple tour, but it explains the history of Fat Head’s and the basics of their brewing process and features many educational posters. The idea is for guests to entertain themselves while they wait on a table, or to add a fun twist to the usual brewery experience.

The start of the tour explains the history of Fat Head’s.


The bottling facility.


Not sure exactly what was going on, but it sure looked science-y.


Details on Fat Head’s charity work.

After the tour, we headed over the gift shop, which was loaded with shirts, hats, glasses, jackets, bottle openers, and other accessories.

LOTL will definitely be back to the new Fat Head’s. The food was delicious, the vibes were great, and the beer was excellent, of course. If you got some free time this weekend, head over to Fat Head’s in Middleburg Heights and experience the place we chose as the Hangout of the Week. It’ll be well-worth your time. Let us know how your experience went!

Fat Head’s Middleburg Hgts hours: 11 A.M. – midnight (Mon. – Thurs); 11 A.M. – 1 A.M. (Fri -Sat); 11 A.M. – 11 P.M. (Sun)

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