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Picture of the Week: Cleveland Skyline via Tremont Cleveland Sign

This week’s LOTL Picture of the Week is from a listener, Jacob Ockunzzi. Follow him on Instagram at @jacuzzi4. Jacob describes his inspiration for this picture, and the following photos, below:

Cleveland may not have a night skyline like New York City or Los Angeles, but to me its skyline is spectacular. For about a year I have been into photography, and I have always loved taking photos of Cleveland during the day from places like Edgewater or Lakewood Park.

However, I really wanted to capture our beautiful city at night. I would always tell myself I was going to do it, but I never got around to doing so. Finally, one beautiful Saturday evening I got up and shot pictures at night. I waited for the sun to set so I could see Cleveland’s vibrant night colors come out and say hello. I went to numerous places to see what I could capture with my camera lens. I took numerous shots of the locations I chose (it’s always good to take more than one photo of a subject). After choosing the photos I liked, I then edited them (text continues below pictures).

Statue of Moses Cleaveland, founder of Cleveland, by Jacob Ockunzzi.


The iconic Cleveland skyscraper, the Terminal Tower. Photo by Jacob Ockunzzi.


Progressive Field, aka, Jacob’s Field, as any good Clevelander will call it. Photo by Jacob Ockunzzi.


The Fountain of Eternal Life. Photo by Jacob Ockunzzi.

The unedited photos looked unamusing, but the edited photos looked amazing. The photos had brightened up and I could not take my eyes off my work as this was a new version of Cleveland I had never seen before. To me these shots of Cleveland were some of the best pictures I have taken. They gave me a deeper appreciation for the 216.

Cleveland is home and will always be home to me. It may not be a gigantic city with tons of spectacular sights, but Cleveland will always have my vote as the best city in the world. I have a deep love for this city and I look forward to capturing more of its beauty in the years to come.

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