Episode 35: Browns-Texans Preview, Worsts Christmas Gifts, and Baker’s Comments

The boys are back!

Still full from their Thanksgiving dinners, Dan, Jordan and Jimmy (via Skype) kick things off with their top five worst Christmas gifts we’ve received. It’s a zany conversation that is full of bizarre and absurd gift ideas. Don’t try giving these at your next Christmas party.

After that, the boys hop into the poll of the week: was Baker justified or immature for the way he handled Hue Jackson after the game and the media criticism in the following days? Dan, Jordan and Jimmy all agree that he was justified, but they differ on why they think that. And LOTL got lots of feedback on their polls…

With the Browns facing the red-hot Houston Texans next week, LOTL previews the game which pitches two young quarterbacks and two tough defenses against each other. They make predictions and Dan and Jordan bet a six-pack of local beer on the outcome. After the Browns preview, Dan reviews what it was like to see LeBron again at the Q when he attended the Lakers-Cavs game on 11/21.

The episode wraps up with a preview of S’Morefest, which supports the upcoming local Cleveland music festival, Brite Winter Fest.

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