Episode 37: Top 5 Christmas Songs, Delly Is Back, and Goodbye E.E.

The Christmas spirit continues, and LOTL is buzzing about some crazy sports news in the CLE!

Hannah Uvegas returns as our featured guest, and for her third appearance we get things started off by talking about the City Mission’s New Horizons project, which is nearing completion! The family will be moving in on Dec. 21, and some of the LOTL crew helped Hannah out recently with some of the last projects.

Next, LOTL discusses their top five Christmas songs. The songs included famous Christmas classics and some zainy ones, too. Things get a little heated when Hannah claims a country singer’s Christmas album rivals that of the one and only Frank Sinatra.

After that, they dissect the Poll of the Week: is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Facebook and Twitter results were all over the place, so they spent a good amount of time discussing this one.

Sports talk kicks off with the LOTL boys still buzzing after that Browns victory over the Carolina Panthers. Baker had a bounce back game, and brought a nice W for the fans who endured the chilly wind. In other sports news, Delly, yes, THAT Delly, is back! The fan favorite and NBA champion Matthew Dellavedova was traded back to the Cavs this week.

The Indians finally made LOTL again, this time for a blockbuster trade which saw Edwin Encarnacion traded for former Indian Carlos Santana! A strange trade that Dan thinks is just the beginning of some major change ups.

They wrap up the episode reviewing Around the Corner’s annual Christmas Bar and previews of some fun winter events!

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