Episode 40: Freddie Kitchens, UFC Update, and the Last Christmas Ales

Episode 41, fueled by the last remaining 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale by Thirsty Dog, was focused around the big news: that Freddie Kitchens was announced as the Browns head coach. Jordan was out for this episode as he was sick.

While Kitchens is one of too many head coaches the Browns have had in the last 20 years or so, there is a certain optimism about him. Dan is a huge fan, and according to the poll of the week, most of our listeners agreed with him. Jimmy, Dan, and the featured guest, Jonnie Hopkins (one of Jimmy’s friends), discuss the new coach and predict the rest of the NFL playoffs. Jimmy also discusses the latest UFC news.

The episode ends with a review of several fun Cleveland events. As always, follow us on social media at @thelotlpodcast (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

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