Episode 49: The Columbus Episode

After 48 episodes of exclusively Cleveland content, we decided to dedicate most of Episode 49 to another major Ohio city: Columbus.

Tagging along to chat about Columbus was guest Jordan Hoffman, a high school friend of Dan’s. Jordan now lives in Columbus and is a die hard Blue Jackets fan. Don’t ask about who he supports in the Ohio State – Michigan rivalry, though (hint: he has Michigan roots…).

We chat Jordan’s favorite places in Columbus, why he’s such a Blue Jackets die hard, and preview the Blue Jackets chances in the playoffs this year. After that, we talk about the Crew, our top five favorite sports chants, discuss OBJ to CLE, and debate if the Browns are legit Superbowl contenders now.

We wrap up with a preview of how to party in Cleveland for St. Patrick’s Day!

As always, thank you for listening and remember to check us out on social media at @thelotlpodcast (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

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