Episode 53: The Best Memes, White Claws, and LOTL on Spotify

Episode 53 rolls in with an old guest, Teresa (Jordan’s girlfriend), who always makes sure the episode will be a good time.

For this episode, we are fueled by none other than White Claw hard seltzer! It’s delicious, it’s basic, and it’s a great summer drink.

We start by chatting about our top five favorite memes since we’re millennials and that’s our thing. After that, we discuss Spotify and if we all have it. But more importantly, we have a huge announcement: LOTL is now on Spotify!

For sports, we chat the latest from the Indians, a preview of the Masters, a quick preview of our predictions about the Brown’s schedule, and we preview the last Cav’s game of the season. LOTL attended that game and we all said bye to Channing Frye!

We wrap the episode up with a preview of a Cleveland tradition, Dyngus Day!

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