Episode 101: Tiger King, Worst Sports Takes EVER, & More Coronavirus Updates

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Episode 101 was recorded virtually using the Discord app in adherence to social distancing laws. All future episodes will be recorded as such until the pandemic ends.

Brew of the Week

Poll off the week: Have you seen Tiger King on Netflix?

Top 5 of the week: None this week. Replaced with “Worst Sports Takes Ever”

Guest of the week: None this week.

“Jimmy In the CLE”: Yes, but nothing to do 🙁


  • COVID-19 Updates
    • Ohio
    • USA
    • World
  • Will the 2020 NBA & NHL seasons be voided?
  • What will the 2020 MLB season look like?
  • Will the NFL be the only US professional sport that plays out normally?

Support your Local Cleveland Business

  • New segment where LOTL discusses the local businesses they supported during the week

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