Episode 111: A Conversation with Rufus Jones IV on Racism and Police Brutality in America

For Episode 111, we invited our friend and former guest on the podcast Rufus Jones IV (@RufusJonesIV on Twitter and Instagram) to discuss some very serious and painful topics that our nation is facing right now. We discuss:

-The killing of #GeorgeFloyd, #BreonnaTaylor, #AhmaudArbery, #TamirRice and many other black civilians by the police, and the protests that have followed.

-Rufus talks about some deeply personal experiences with racism in his life.

-Additionally, Rufus educates us on how we can ally with the Black community and support permanent change in America.

-We end the episode with an amazing and true story of hope.

We thank Rufus for opening up and discussing these difficult topics. We encourage all our listeners to please pay attention and to open up your ears and hearts. We as a podcast believe that #BlackLivesMatter.

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