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Episode 51: Tribe Season Preview, Dolan’s Comments, and Baby Shark Annoyance

Episode 50: The Chardon Polka Band, Dyngus Day Preview, and Stranger Things 3

Episode 49: The Columbus Episode

Episode 48: The Momo Hoax, Big Browns Rumors, and a Better Alternative to Guinness

Episode 47: GLBC’s Latest Beer, Top 5 Emojis, and Brite Winter Fest

Episode 46: Hop Juju, East Side Hangs, and Cornerstone Brewery

Episode 45: Kareem Hunt to Browns, Best Cheap Beers, and Mead

Episode 44: Pizza vs. Tacos, Top 5 NBA Trades, and Brick & Barrel Brewing

Episode 43: Best SB Commercials, Toxic Social Media, and Rams vs. Pats

Episode 42: Fyre Fraud, Cleveland Beerfest, & Too Many Breweries?

Episode 41: Serial Killer Documentaries, Clemson’s Fast Food Feast, and Crust (Tremont)

Episode 40: Freddie Kitchens, UFC Update, and the Last Christmas Ales

Episode 39: Browns Season Review, Best Watch Party Foods, and Happy New Years

Episode 38: The Worst Christmas Songs, Red Hot Browns, and Crazy Tribe Trades

Episode 37: Top 5 Christmas Songs, Delly Is Back, and Goodbye E.E.

Episode 35: Browns-Texans Preview, Worsts Christmas Gifts, and Baker’s Comments

Episode 34: Turkey, Thanksgiving, and Baker is Dangerous

Episode 33: Chaotic Cavs, Coaching Crisis, and Cleveland Coffee

Episode 32: Goodbye Hue, Goodbye Lue, and Christmas Ale

Episode 31: Costumes, Candy, and Cleveland is Cool

Episode 30: Best Sports Jerseys, Tribe Swept, and Baker’s Brownies

Episode 29: Tribe vs. Htown, Working Class Brewery, and Movie Monsters

Episode 28: The Happiest Sports Moments, Browns Win, and Bookhouse Brewing

Episode 27: Saddest Sports Memories, Browns-Jets Preview, and Goodbye Josh Gordon

Episode 26: Scary Movies, Christmas Movies, and Browns Losing Streak Ends (kind of)

Episode 25: Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Top CLE Concert Venues, and Goodbye Hard Knocks

Episode 24: New Fat Head’s Facility, CLE Metroparks, and Ugly MLB Jerseys

Episode 23: So Much Feasting, Bob Wylie The Comedian, and CLE’s Best Wings

Episode 22: Cleveland Development, Angry Hue Jackson, and The Feast

Episode 21: Browns, Walk-Offs, and Festivals Galore

Episode 20: LIVE at Bad Tom Smith Brewing — Bad guys, burritos, and Browns playoffs

Episode 19: LIVE at Hofbrauhaus — Cruise and Brews CLE, Tribe All-Stars, Taste of Tremont

Episode 18: The Next Cleveland Champion, UFC 226, and Pupusas

Episode 17: LABron’s Gone

Episode 16: Paul’s Departure, LeBron (again), Market Garden Brewery

Episode 15: LeBron James, LeBron James, LeBron James

Episode 14: Barrio, Bottlehouse Brewery, and Boca Loca Burritos

Episode 13: Girl Scout Cookies, Cavs Woes, and World Cup Bars

*Emergency Episode: Reaction to Game 1 of the NBA Finals*

Episode 12: Neapolitan Pizza, Nano Brew, and the NBA Finals

Episode 11: Melk, Astros-Indians, and Gordon Square Goodies

Episode 10: Donuts, Ohio City Hangs, and Hard Knocks

Episode 9: Extinct Dinosaurs, The Finals (again), and Affordable Fancy Food

Episode 8: Boomshakalakas, Cinco De Mayo, and Gas Station Food

Episode 7: $20 Concerts, Fathead’s and Kitchen Heat

Episode 6: Browns, Browns, and more Browns — LOTL NFL Draft Special

Episode 5: Laura’s Home, NFL Draft, and Lakewood Dives

Episode 4: Burgers, Peanut Butter, and Justin Timberlake