Episode 28: The Happiest Sports Moments, Browns Win, and Bookhouse Brewing

We’re really excited about episode 28! Why? Because the vibes are so good: the Browns won, Baker rocked out in his first NFL game, Indians will play the Astros in the ALDS, and we got to review an awesome new brewery in Cleveland! We start the episode discussing our top five happiest sports memories. Last week we kind of brought the mood down with our top five saddest sports moments, so this week we decided…

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Hangout of the Week: Bookhouse Brewing (Ohio City)

Breweries, bars, and restaurants are often noisy and sometimes chaotic places. The sounds of music, multiple TV sets, dishes clanking, and the chatter of dozens of people often drowns out conversation, forcing you to lean uncomfortably close to someone just to be able to understand them. You might go the whole night without one meaningful conversation. Excessive noise and thumping basslines won’t be a problem at Cleveland’s latest brewery, Bookhouse Brewing (1526 W. 25th St.),…

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