Episode 23: So Much Feasting, Bob Wylie The Comedian, and CLE’s Best Wings

Episode 23 gets off to a good start since our little bro Jimmy is back (albeit via Skype)! We kick off this episode with previews, starting with the inaugural Incuya Music Fest, the 2018 Pierogi FEST, Cleveland’s Oktoberfest, and the Cleveland National Air Show. After that, we discuss our experiences at the Feast of the Assumption and Happy Dog’s zany 10th Birthday party. Next up we delve into the LOTL Poll of the Week (do…

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LOTL Sports Take – 8/10/18 – Browns First Preseason Game

Well here we go, Cleveland — it’s finally time to start playing games against other teams. In the grand scheme of things, the outcome doesn’t matter, but there were so many story lines and tidbits that came out of last night’s game. Let’s start with the quarterbacks. How refreshing is it to see the Browns have an actual, competent quarterback play? And I’m not even talking about the no. 1 pick Baker Mayfield — I’m…

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