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Hangout of the Week: Terrestrial Brewing Company

As much as I love Edgewater Park in Cleveland, I’ve long bemoaned the fact it isn’t walking distance to any places to eat or drink. That changed, however, when Terrestrial Brewing Company (7524 Father Frascati Drive) in Battery Park opened its doors last year. The brewery, famous for its wacky beers, is about a five-minute walk from the beach if you take the tunnel behind the new beach house. Housed in an old battery factory…

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Photo of the Week: Rocks at Edgewater Park

Imagine crashing waves, a warm breeze and toasty hot sand. These images probably invoke an image of a tropical vacation, but in this case I’m referring to our very own Edgewater Park beach in Cleveland. Sure, it’s not exactly a tropical bliss — the strange amount of trash, questionable water quality, and lack of seashells reminds us that we’re up north and not near the equator. But Edgewater Park has a truly enjoyable and aesthetically…

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