Episode 25: Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Top CLE Concert Venues, and Goodbye Hard Knocks

Our quarter-century episode was a fun one. For one, Jimmy was back (via Skype again) and Teresa made her second appearance. Two, everyone was in a giddy mood, because we kept spinning down rabbit trails and saying weird stuff. It was fun! The episode was fueled by a brand-new Cleveland beer, the 73 Kolsch by Great Lakes Brewing Company. This beer was brewed specifically in honor of the Cleveland Brown’s icon Joe Thomas and is…

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Jordan's Blog

Photo of the Week: Rocks at Edgewater Park

Imagine crashing waves, a warm breeze and toasty hot sand. These images probably invoke an image of a tropical vacation, but in this case I’m referring to our very own Edgewater Park beach in Cleveland. Sure, it’s not exactly a tropical bliss — the strange amount of trash, questionable water quality, and lack of seashells reminds us that we’re up north and not near the equator. But Edgewater Park has a truly enjoyable and aesthetically…

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